The Bach Flowers Remedies

The remedies which have gentle and safe effects, and are produced completely from natural plants, can be used for adults and children.

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Our Products

Emergency Drink - Bach flower drops

Emergency Drink | Rescue Remedy

Bach has prepared a mixture for emergency situations by blending five different flower essences. This mixture contains Impatiens, Star Of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis. Rescue Remedy protects you against the stressful events and crisis that you encounter in daily life and helps us to protect our inner balance against unexpected events such as death, divorce and dismissal. Rescue Remedy assists us in stressful situations such as exams, job interviews, dates and quarrels.

Power - Bach flower drops


This blend which has been made from six Bach Flower essences, helps to overcome psychological and physical fatigue, giving you the energy you need.

Relax - Bach flower drops


Also prepared from six Bach Flower essences, this blend is particularly helpful in dealing with intense emotions resulting from stress. It helps to leave behind tension and feelings of being trapped and brings congested emotions back into flow.

Sleep Well - Bach flower drops

Sleep Well

Insomnia is a disease of our age. Sleep Well, made from a combination of six essences, is an ideal natural remedy for this so very common affliction of our time.

Sleep Well & Jet Lag - Bach flower drops

Jet Lag

Jet Lag is prepared using 3 Bach Flower essences. When used in combination with SLEEP WELL, it will help you to feel centered and grounded after a long journey.

In Balance - Bach flower drops

In Balance

This blend helps women to deal with the inner turbulence they might experience in life phases such as pregnancy and menopause. In Balance, made from 6 Bach Flower Essences, helps women to get in touch with their inner selves, to love and make peace with themselves and their bodies.

Feel Good - Bach flower drops

Feel Good

This combination is for men which are going through mid-life crisis. Feel Good is prepared from six Bach Flower Essences. It helps men caught in routine or fast-paced life style to regain confidence, courage and motivation.

Loosing Weight - Bach flower drops

Losing Weight

When you start a diet, you may experience difficulties in keep going. With this five-essence blend, you will feel more confident, persistent and will have stronger willpower.

Sunrise - Bach flower drops


Children too go through tough periods, such as a going to a new school, changing friends, facing changes in their family. Sunrise helps children adapt to their new life more easily. This blend is prepared from a combination of five Bach Flower Essences.